Our high school chemistry program has been redesigned and updated to give your students the right balance of concepts and applications in a program that provides more active learning, more real-world connections, and more engaging content. A revised and enhanced text, designed especially for high school, helps students actively develop and apply their understanding of chemical concepts. Hands-on labs and activities emphasize cutting-edge applications and help students connect concepts to the real world. A new, captivating design, clear writing style, and innovative technology resources support your students in getting the most out of their textbook.

Chemistry textbooks are written differently from nontechnical textbooks. With this in mind, be aware that reading five pages in a chemistry textbook will probably take much more time than reading five pages in an English or a history textbook.

If you want to understand this chemistry text, prepare to spend a great deal of time reading each section within a chapter. If you flip through this book, you will notice many examples, explanations, diagrams, charts, symbols, and photos to read, analyze, and interpret. You should read the text in each section and incorporate these visuals in your reading. You will quickly find that these visuals are very useful in helping you understand the subject matter.

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