This edition has been completely updated, revised, and expanded. To achieve this, the previous approach of having each chapter be self-contained has been abandoned; repetition has been reduced to a minimum so that more topics could be covered in more detail. The topics of chromatography and mass spectrometry have been greatly expanded, when compared with the sixth edition, to better reflect the predominance of chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation in modern laboratories.
The equally important topic of NMR, expanded in the last edition to focus on FTNMR, 13C, and 2D NMR spectral interpretation, now includes time domain NMR (relaxometry) and an overview of low-field, benchtop, and miniature instrumentation. The topic of electron spin resonance spectroscopy (ESR, EPR) has been added due to the recent availability of small, low cost ESR instrumentation and its impact on materials characterization and bioanalysis. Chapter 3 has therefore been renamed to reflect the inclusion of ESR/EPR. Forensic science applications have been added in appropriate chapters.
A unique feature of this text is the combination of instrumental analysis with organic spectral interpretation (IR, NMR, and MS). The NMR, IR, and MS spectra, all new in the sixth edition, courtesy of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Informatics Division (IR, NMR), Aldrich Chemical Company (NMR), Agilent Technologies, Inc., and one of the authors (MS), were obtained on modern instruments to reflect what students will encounter in modern laboratories. Additional NMR spectra have been provided by Bruker Corporation and pico Spin LLC for the seventh edition.
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