“Periodic Properties? That’s easy! Properties down a couple of Groups, properties across a sample Period, done!” A not uncommon view. Yet there is a richness of relationships, some obvious, some not, which makes an in-depth look at the chemical elements a rewarding adventure. Ronald Rich eloquently described the lure of periodicity in all its manifestations:

One of the fascinations of inorganic chemistry is the existence of a wide variety of relationships among the elements and their properties-relationships that show an encouraging degree of order, but a tantalizing variability and novelty. These qualities make the “family of elements” an apt metaphor: while members of a family have much in common, each member also has his[/her] own individual personality.

This book is not a data-filled comprehensive (and boring) compilation. Instead, by looking at some patterns and trends from different perspectives, the Author hopes that the Reader will find this book stimulating and thought-provoking. Without doubt, there are additional interesting and/or curious linkages and patterns of which the Author is unaware.

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