The eighth edition of Principles of Modern Chemistry is written for students in honors and upper-mainstream general chemistry courses who seek to understand and interpret chemical events at the molecular level. The relation of molecular structure to function and properties requires the introduction of molecular structure early in the course and the use of structural arguments in presenting the remaining topics.

Moreover, students will soon be introduced to the predictive power of chemical computations and simulations, for which a solid background in the description of molecular structure is essential.

The organization of the eighth edition is fundamentally the same as that of the seventh edition, and presents the material from a unified, molecular point of view that continues to emphasize the central role of structure, but with greater focus on the electronic structure of molecules as a unifying theme.

This edition also deepens and broadens the introduction of chemical principles in several chapters. Recognizing that in the top colleges and universities that use this text, over 90% of students taking introductory chemistry have taken a single-variable calculus course in high school, or are taking calculus as a co-requisite for the course, we have improved several portions of the text.

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