This text provides an introduction to physical chemistry, covering the fundamentals of thermodynamics, kinetics and quantum chemistry. The selection of contents was guided by the concept of a two-semester course delivering thermodynamics and kinetics (Chaps. 1–8) and quantum chemistry (Chaps. 8–13) throughout the second year of undergraduate studies in the disciplines of chemistry, biochemistry, engineering and neighbouring disciplines.

The compilation of this text was based strongly by teaching and examination experience of this subject. This includes an appreciation of the fact that students taking this course might have varying background knowledge and need to be guided through physical chemistry concepts in a step-by-step manner.

Furthermore, while mathematical analysis is an integral part of physical chemistry, many students taking this subject are not mathematicians. Particular care has therefore been taken in the presentation of the algebraic parts of physico-chemical concepts that should allow the reader to rework the relevant discussion with pen and paper during study time.

Each chapter includes a selection of numerical exercises that serve to revise particular key concepts as well as apply these concepts to physico-chemical problems. Detailed solutions for all exercises are included at the end of this text.

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