This book evolved from the lecture notes of the author for a one semester course given to senior undergraduates and graduate students over the past 20 years. This third edition presents an updating of the material to cover the literature through to the end of 2005, with occasional excursions to early 2006. As a result, the total number of references has increased from about 660 in the second edition to over 1570 in the present one, and 140 pages of text have been added; this seems to be a clear testament to the vitality of the subject area.

A new Chapter 9 on kinetics in heterogeneous systems has been added. This area has long been the domain of chemical engineers, but it is of increasing relevance to inorganic kineticists who are studying catalytic processes, such as hydrogenation and carbonylation reactions, where gas/liquid mass transfer is involved. This chapter also covers the kinetic aspects of adsorption and reaction of species on solids, and the question of whether the reaction is really homogeneous or heterogeneous.

The issue of units continues to be a vexing one in this area. A major goal of this course has been to provide students with sufficient background so that they can read and analyze current research papers.

To do this and be able to compare results, the reader must be vigilant about the units used by different authors. Energy units are a special problem, since both joules and calories are in common usage. Both units have been retained in the text, with the choice made on the basis of the units in the original work as much as possible. However, within individual sections the text uses one energy unit. Bond lengths are given in angstroms, which are still commonly quoted for crystal structures.

The formulas for various calculations are given in the original or most common format, and units for the various quantities are always specified.

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