This book differs from others on name reactions in organic chemistry by focusing on their mechanisms. It covers over 300 classical as well as contemporary name reactions. Biographical sketches for the chemists who discovered or developed those name reactions have been included. Each reaction is delineated by its detailed step-by-step, electron-pushing mechanism, supplemented with the original and the latest references, especially review articles. This book contains major improvements over the previous edition and the subject index is significantly expanded.

“Name Reactions – A collection of Detailed Reaction Mechanisms” has been expanded significantly as compared to the Second Edition. The book contains a multitude of new name reactions and, and as a new feature, reaction examples from the current literature..

Each name reaction is illustrated with a reaction scheme, an accurate and detailed mechanism, and two interesting examples from current work. In addition, numerous up-to-date citations are provided that can facilitate an initial literature search. The textual explanations are quite concise, and in most cases are confined to the reaction schemes. For a few of the name reactions, the references also include biographical information on the originator of the reaction, which makes quite interesting reading.

Space is used more effectively in the new version, in contrast to the Second Edition, and pages are filled with content. The author has taken great pains in this respect, as well as in ensuring that the literature citations are up to date. The level of detail varies a great deal in some places, though this might simply reflect the author’s own areas of interest. For example, coverage of the “Staudinger Ketene Cycloaddition” is limited to a consideration of the transition state.

“Name Reactions” is an especially useful book for obtaining a first introduction to a multitude of important and also current name reactions. Moreover, the mechanistic explanations in the form of excellent schemes provide a basis for advanced students to practice these mechanisms. A number of errors from the Second Edition have been corrected, and this fact together with the successful enhancements make a good case for purchasing this latest edition.

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