The seventh edition of Introductory Chemistry: An Active Learning Approach is written for a college-level introductory or preparatory chemistry course for students who next will take a college general chemistry course. It is also appropriate for the first-term general portion of a two-term general, organic, and biological chemistry (GOB) course. The textbook is written with the assumption that this is a student’s first chemistry course, or if there has been a prior chemistry course, it has not adequately prepared the student for general or GOB chemistry.

Introductory Chemistry was written with the following broad-based goals. Upon completing the course while using this textbook, our aim is that students will be able to:
1. Read, write, and talk about chemistry, using a basic chemical vocabulary
2. Write routine chemical formulas and equations
3. Set up and solve chemistry problems
4. Think about fundamental chemistry on an atomic or molecular level and visualize what happens in a chemical change

The An Active Learning Approach portion of the title of the textbook refers to what general cognitive science and applied chemistry education research indicate is the best curricular approach to facilitate construction of procedural knowledge.

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