• Contents:

Unit 1) Introduction to Environmental Management

  • (A) Introduction
    • Definition, Goals, Significations and Scope of Environmental Management
    • Development and Environmental Linkage
    • Action for Environmental Protection – Indian Initiatives
      • National Committee on Environmental Planning and Co-Ordination
      • Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change
    • Environmental Management Practice
  • (B) Application of Environmental Management System (EMS)
    • Definition of EMS, Environment Policy and Components of EMS- Planning, Implementation, Checking Review
    • Origin and Management of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
      • Definition, Goal, Statement, Scope and Approach
    • International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Environment Management System (Application of Environment Standards)-ISO 14000 series, ISO 14001
  • (C) Environmental Awareness and Public Involvement
    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    • Preparation of LCA Inventory
    • Application of LCA in relations to Sustainable Development