This is an introductory text designed to acquaint undergraduate students with the basic theory and interpretative techniques of infrared spectroscopy. The author also believes that this material would be appropriate as an introductory text at the graduate level for those students lacking a background in the subject.

Much of the material in this text has been used over a period of several years in teaching portions of a one-semester course in materials characterization and chemical analysis. In addition to infrared spectroscopy, the course also includes a discussion of mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. For the most part, the students in the course have had at least one year of organic chemistry. Thus, they have had at least a cursory exposure to the theory and interpretation of organic spectra.

In using this book in the course in materials characterization and chemical analysis, the author has devoted approximately 75 percent of the time to lecture discussions, with the remaining 25 percent devoted to the hands-on use of the various instruments at our disposal. However, depending on the needs and assessment of the instructor, the text could serve solely as a lecture text for a one-semester course in infrared spectroscopy or it could be used to teach the infrared portion of a broader course in materials characterization and chemical analysis.

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