Lesson Structure

1.0       Objective

1.1       Introduction

1.2       Electronic Spectra of Diatomic molecules

1.3       Vibronic Transition and Vibrational Progression: Franck Condon Principle

1.4       Energy levels, molecular orbital and Electronic spectra of Polyatomic Molecules

1.5       Electronic energy states of Diatomic Molecules

1.6       Electronic states of polyatomic molecules

1.7       Electronic Transition and selection Rules

1.8       Chromophore and Auxochrome

1.9       Red Shifts and Blueshifts

1.10     Electronic spectra of transition metal complexes

1.11     Charge transfer transition

1.12     Beer Lambert’s law

1.13     Effect of solvent on electronic transition

1.14     Ultraviolet bands for carbonyl compounds

1.15     Ultraviolet bands for unsaturated carbonyl compounds

1.16     UV bands for conjugated dienes and polyenes

1.17     UV Spectra of Aromatic compounds

1.18     UV spectra of Heterocyclic compounds

1.19     Steric effect in electronic spectra of Biphenyls

1.20     Fisher Woodward Rules for conjugated carbonyl compound

              Solved Examples

              Model Question