The first edition of this book was conceived over 30 years ago. Since that time there have been eight editions, and over 1 million students worldwide have used the book to begin their study of chemistry.

Over the years, and the many editions, our goals have remained the same: to provide a broad overview of the principles of chemistry, the reactivity of the chemical elements and their compounds, and the applications of chemistry. To reach these goals, we have tried to show the close relation between the observations chemists make of chemical and physical changes in the laboratory and in nature and the way these changes are viewed at the atomic and molecular levels.

This textbook is designed for students interested in further study in science, whether that science is chemistry, biology, engineering, geology, physics, or related subjects. Our assumption is that students in a course using this book have had some preparation in algebra and in general science. Although undeniably helpful, a previous exposure to chemistry is neither assumed nor required.

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