Table of contents of Atkins Physical Chemistry (8th Edition)

Part 1: Equilibria

  • The properties of gases
  • The first law
  • The second law
  • Physical transformation of pure substances
  • Simple mixtures
  • Phase diagrams
  • Chemical Equilibrium

Part 2: Structure

  • Quantum theory: introduction and principles
  • Quantum theory: techniques and applications
  • Atomic structure and atomic spectra
  • Molecular structure
  • Molecular symmetry
  • Molecular spectroscopy 1: rotational and vibrational spectra
  • Molecular spectroscopy 2: electronic transitions
  • Molecular spectroscopy 3: magnetic resonance
  • Statistical thermodynamics 1: the concepts
  • Statistical thermodynamics 2: applications
  • Molecular interactions
  • Materials 1: macromolecules and aggregates
  • Materials 2: the solid state

Part 3: Change

  • Molecules in motion
  • The rates of chemical reactions
  • The kinetics of complex reactions
  • Molecular reaction dynamics
  • Processes at solid surfaces

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