Lesson Structure

Angular Momentum

  • Ordinary angular momentum
  • Generalized angular momentum
  • Eigen function for angular momentum
  • Eigen values of angular momentum
  • Operator using ladder operators
  • Addition of angular momentum
  • Spin anti-symmetry
  • Pauli exclusion principle

Electronic Structure of Atoms

  • Electronic configuration
  • Russell-Saunders terms and coupling schemes
  • Stater-Condon Parameters
  • Term Separation Energies of the pn configuration
  • Term Separation Energies of the dn configuration
  • Magnetics effects: spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman splitting
  • Introduction to the methods of self-consistent field the virial theorem

Molecular Orbital Theory

  • Huckel theory of conjugated systems
  • Bond order and charge density calculations
  • Application to ethylene, Butadiene, cyclopropenyl radical, cyclobutadiene etc.
  • Introduction to extended Huckel theory