The core idea of chemistry is that the whole can be explained by its parts. The properties of matter can be explained by the bits that compose it. Understand the bits, and you understand the whole. Philosophers call this idea reductionism. Reductionism has not always been popular in the history of thought, nor is it clear that it is universally true. But the stunning and ongoing success of chemistry in explaining the behaviour of matter – even living matter.

A second unifying theme of chemistry is the progression from simple to complex. It turns out that, in nature, when you put together simple particles in slightly different ways, you can get vast complexity. Just as the 26 letters of our alphabet can be combined in different ways to compose many words, and just as you can combine those words in many ways to form an even larger number of complex ideas, so the 91 elements that compose matter can be combined to form many compounds, and those compounds can be combined to form an even larger number of complex substances, including all living things.

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